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Brandbox #5: Imagery

Imagery is an undeniably powerful branding element. It has the ability to set the scene and create emotion like no other. However, with great power should also come great care! In this article I run through different types of images, and how you can procure them, with special consideration given to how to successfully work with stock photography. 

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BrandBox #4: Type

Typography and brand identity are tightly woven together - it's the most high-touch brand element when you consider that so much of a brand’s communication is translated via the written word. In this article I explore a quick history of typography, and how to select the best fonts for your brand. 

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BrandBox #2: Logos

Your logo is a key part of your visual brand - but not the only part. Some of the best brands use a very simple approach to their logo design and build a brand experience through a cohesive set of other methods. Here I examine a simpler approach that's perfect for the small and micro business. 

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