The brief

To rebrand, and remarket Serenity Skin, Body and Nails a market-leading beauty studio in North East Victoria. Business owner Donna was looking to relaunch her thriving business in another part of town, and saw the move as a good opportunity to realign old creative that no was longer serving her brand. 

The approach

Donna had a clear idea about what she liked about other brands in the sector and was able to furnish these in our strategy sessions. We discussed what worked about these brands, and what we could incorporate that would resonate with customers in her more rural market. She wanted to ensure that the branding positioned Serenity as 'premium' and 'professional'; both the place you'd go to for relaxation - and results.

Together we worked up a moodboard of cool, refined imagery that referenced a 'realistic' feel - no amped-up cosmetic stock photography allowed - that served as a guide for all creative. 

The creative

Donna was adamant - she wanted to keep it simple. To this end, her choice was for a hand scripted logo that is equal parts elegant and effortless. It has a sense of flow that references the calm of the sanctuary that Donna offers her clients. 

The brand imagery is driven by cool marbles and supported ably by a cool-based colour palette that is feminine in a way that you don't expect from the beauty sector. We searched endlessly for stock photography that represented 'real' women who - whilst still beautiful - looked more like women you'd actually come across on the street instead of the overly made-up models you may often find. 

We rolled this branding out across her website and printed collateral, and Donna looks forward to implementing the new brand even further when she opens her (new) studio doors in October 2018.

The result? Donna was absolutely thrilled and is proud to promote her business and reap the rewards of a more cohesive brand and business.