Rebecca Neylon is a Perth-based HR specialist who delivers a range of HR training and development services - most of which are delivered electronically to locations around Australia. 

The brief

Rebecca was looking to rebrand her business to her own name - Rebecca Neylon - as the central brand name. Not only did the creative need to reflect her new 'brand' on a practical level, it needed some love to help create a more modern and professional look and feel. She wanted new a creative direction, business colateral, by way of business cards and letterhead, and a new website to support the new brand. 

The Creative

Rebecca is of proud Scottish descent, and this became evident right away in a few ways: firstly, her accent! Although somewhat 'Aussie-fied' after spending so long on our fair shores, there was a definite Scottish lilt that popped up in our early conversations. Secondly, her visual preferences began to reflect her heritage, with nods to rich reds, blues and even some tartan coming through in our early strategic discovery exercises. 

It became important to me that we reference these in her brand. After all, her business and personal brands are inexplicably linked. It became a nice device to pull a 'cosy' yet professional look and feel together from, with a colour palette then driven from these cues. 

Finally, we scoured literally hundreds of stock photography options in a quest to find the very best imagery that would communicate her business without being cheesy or twee. We arrived at a set that reflect the work she does in a relaxed and non-contrived way. 

I've written a little bit more about the process which you can read more about on our blog.