The brief

Client Ellie reached out to me in mid-2018 after joining The McCabe Centre team. Established in 2012, The McCabe Centre uses law as a tool to build knowledge and expertise at global, regional and domestic levels to prevent and control cancer and other non-communicable diseases.

Development of the McCabe Centre brand had been undertaken to get the organisation out to market, with minimal development undertaken since that time. The logo and associated brand style had been developed in-house within the extended Cancer Council organisation and was lacking in an incisive brand ‘language’ that could help tell the McCabe brand story effectively. Ellie was after some strategic brand building, and ultimately, a rebrand or refresh in order to bring this to fruition. And would I be interested? Ah, yes!

The approach

After working with Ellie to compile a brand audit of all activity, we kicked off with an all-day, all-team workshop at the McCabe Centre offices in Melbourne, where all nine members of the core team attended. Immediately, I established that McCabe Team are energetic, passionate and all very clever, and running the workshop was really, really enjoyable experience where we enjoyed wonderful discussion and input. Together, we worked through some basics to get a better understanding of the power and potential of brand, as well as engaging with some all-group exercises to discuss brand personality and values. Finishing off with a session on visual design preferences, I left with an arsenal of information that I could call upon in the ensuing creative development phase.

With such a solid foundation, the brand creative was done and dusted efficiently, and the new brand quickly came to life. From there Ellie and I worked together to build brand templates for their communications and collateral, as well as forming a plan to overhaul their website, where the brand will be officially launched.

The result

Ellie and her team have a new brand which they are not only really proud of, but feels it now truly speaks to the brilliant work they do. It’s a brand that they all feel a collective ownership of, having been so closely involved in its development. I can’t wait to see it come to life and do justice to the incredible impact the McCabe Centre team has on people, world-wide.