Lara Rose


Lara Rose is a Melbourne-based practitioner specialising in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting, two energy therapy techniques. With a lengthy career as a counsellor and family mediator already under her belt, Lara found energy therapies so useful to her personally that she undertook training and accreditation and now makes these a cornerstone of her practice. 

The brief

To create a brand and design and build a Squarespace website for Lara to drive awareness, engagement and ultimately, attract new clients. 

The Creative

Lara and I did an exercise together whereby she identified imagery that resonated with her and collated her own mood board. It was instrumental in getting to know her on a more personal level, and provided a great foundation on which to build her brand.

Using this process, I established that cool greens and blues not only resonated with her personally, but formed good choices to be able to communicate her practice. She also provided some really clear direction for the style of logo that she wanted, and together with some clear and modern typefaces, and soothing natural imagery, the brand took shape really naturally and we were able to build the website and collateral really easily and get her out in front of her market. 

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