The client

Khara Williams is a high-performing corporate leader with a dream to change people's lives through the concept of 'self-leadership'. Early in her career, she established that to get the best out of her people, she needed to find a way to connect with them and bring them on-board with idea of leading themselves to achieve great things. It's a philosophy that paid off, and Khara soon found herself leading a team of over 150 people, and was ranked in the top 3 leaders for Westpac Australia-wide, with an engagement score of 96%. 

The brief

A busy corporate women with two small children at home, Khara approached me with a number of business ideas that would allow her to deliver on her aspiration of inspiring others. Over a course of three strategy sessions, we were able to identify and establish the best avenue for this and set upon a journey to establishing the 'Khara Williams' brand - a 'community that inspires, mentors and celebrates purpose-driven women'. 

At the heart of it, Khara's brand speaks to professional women, which we needed to be mindful of when developing the creative. She's passionate about food, movement and loves a natural aesthetic, elements which we wanted to reference (the brand is about her, after all!) without derailing the core corporate orientation the brand. 

The creative

With the strategic building blocks in place and a working understanding of Khara's personality and visual preferences and what drives her, creating a moodboard was a straightforward (and enjoyable!) process. Feminine tones of pared-back ochres, pinks and mustards were incorporated to create a sense of femininity that could be dialled up in a more conservative way when communicating with her corporate customer base. 

Though her core offering resonates more with corporate women, the brand needed to compete and differentiate in a crowded space of 'leadership experts' of varying types . Our strategy for this was to create an aesthetically-driven brand with an element of the 'aspirational', which we looked to fashion and lifestyle brands to provide reference for.

With all of this in place, we developed and rolled the brand out across: 

  • Logos (including Social Media tiles)
  • Colour palette
  • Typography recommendations
  • Imagery style
  • Branded Photographic shoot of Khara in both corporate and lifestyle environments
  • Canva template design and setup
  • Design of a 30pp digital e-book; and
  • Website Design (including copywriting from our brand partners Odette & Co)