The brief

Author and business coach, Ami Summers (who I’d worked with previously on Craft Coaching and Development) is a true inspiration. An energetic businesswoman, who also happens to be a mum, Ami has experienced first-hand the devastation of losing a child, having experienced a full-term stillbirth, two subsequent miscarriages and a near-death experience delivering her now-three-year-old boy Indy. Fuelled by her experiences, Ami set about combining her personal experience with her professional experience as a leadership coach, and developed a workbook dedicated to women to help them through their grief after the loss of a child or pregnancy.

I was so humbled to be a part of her team that created ‘Heart Space’ - a 257-page book, together with an accompanying e-Commerce Squarespace site to facilitate sales of the book.

The approach

I’d love to take credit for the entire art direction, however, my job was halfway done when Ami came to me, having already commissioned illustrator Leah Bartholomew to provide the incredible illustrations. The design really flowed from the beautiful and soothing tones that these illustrations created, and from here it was an intuitive process to select the typography, colour palette and page design that would complement these. We worked to create something that had ‘good bones’ and was buttoned-down enough to feel quite structured, without feeling too corporate. Above all, it needed to conjure the feeling of one being in a ‘safe place’ and comfortable to absorb and process the information.

Heart Space was released in March 2019.