The Client

Since 2014, Amadeus has been in partnership with Fund Executives Association Limited, an industry body who provide professional development for the executives of not-for-profit superannuation funds.

During this time we’ve undertaken a full rebrand, as well as created branding and communications for their calendar of executive events throughout the year, including their annual conference. It’s a relationship that I greatly enjoy and the team, Joanna, Renee and Canelle, are a real pleasure to work with every year.

The project

CEO Joanna contacted me mid-year to see if I could work with them on the development of a Credentials Document, a piece that their board had recognised as being of strategic importance as a marketing, sales and communications tool.


Although I work closely with the team every year, it’s not often that I get to catch up with them in person. Now was the perfect time, and we we kicked off the project with a two hour workshop, where we revisited their short, medium and long-term goals, as well as some industry trends that were impacting them, particularly in light of the Royal Commission into banking.

After this I was able to take away the key pieces of information and tease them out into some key messaging. Using the, by-now well-established brand, I wrote, edited and designed a 16-page document detailing their key value proposition, some deeper information regarding their service offerings (events, education and scholarships) and some additional information for their three markets - individuals, organisations and sponsors.

The result

It’s so rewarding to work with a brand in such a longitudinal way: seeing the strategic foundations laid previously pay off in the execution of a brand and business that is more relevant than ever. It also reminded me how powerful these types of credentials documents can be, especially when used as an opportunity to clarify and refocus key messaging.