The brief

To design and develop a Wordpress site for Craft Coaching and Development - a leadership development consultancy. Business owner Ami was really clear that she wanted a Wordpress site, and needed a design that fully encapsulated her brand and philosophy. 

The approach

An accomplished artist, Ami combines her career experience as a management and leadership consultant to focus on coaching business owners with a creative orientation. She's a passionate, energetic and positive person who's a force of nature to all who have the privilege of working with her. 

Ami provided us with a logo she has been using since the inception of her business, as well as suite of beautifully shot photography of her. Using the colour palette that the logo provided as a loose guide, I also hit Ami up for any of her pieces of artwork that gave us any further clues into the tones that resonated with her. We were then able to incorporate some of these artworks as header images that provided a wonderfully colourful, yet muted backdrop. Hand-drawn images were then sourced that serves as 'icons' on the homepage and provide visual signposts into Ami's wonderfully human approach. 

Using our partners at Odette & Co we also provided a full copy deck that we rolled out across the website that captured a tagline, supporting statement and key message pillars. This was then supported throughout the contents of the site including the services and about page. 

The result

Wordpress is a powerful platform, and suits Ami's offerings perfectly. Both Ami and Amadeus were really happy with the outcome and Ami began to put the site to work immediately through blog posts and content updates. We can't wait to see how Ami can leverage her business even more with a powerful new digital presence!