Best Value Real Estate


The brief

To rebrand, and remarket Best Value Real Estate, a real estate agency based in St Mary’s in Greater Western Sydney to drive sales and increase market share. Unlike most agencies, both in the local and wider markets, BVRE’s core proposition is their low selling and property management fees 1% and 4% (+GST) alike.  

After acquiring the business in 2016, business owner Vivek had invested next-to-nothing in branding and had built the business organically from word-of-mouth. He was now in a position to invest in branding and get the business out into the market more prominently. This was to be no mean feat, with some 16 agencies lining the high street of St Mary’s, where BVRE is based, and is typical of the fast-growing area of Greater Western Sydney.

The approach

Working together through a series of strategy workshops we established that focus in the local area would achieve the critical mass required to get the brand as much exposure in the crowded market. A full visual rebrand was required, as well as some strategic foundations and key messaging to lead all of the creative. A new website was  developed, as well as a comprehensive suite of marketing collateral; all supported by a social media and print advertising campaign to capitalize on the uptick in property-owners taking advantage of the spring market.

The Creative

Vivek himself told me in our very first conversation:

Julia, I want to be the Aldi of the Western Sydney property market. Other agencies may see themselves as more premium than this, but not us. Like Aldi, we represent both value and quality.

I couldn’t have put it better myself, and it was a nugget that I kept top-of-mind when developing the creative strategy.

The logo needed to be simple, yet friendly; it needed to ‘do what it says on the tin’. The 1% selling fee needed to be included, yet I didn’t want to lock this into the logo as the 4% property management fee is also a key part of their value proposition. Instead, I created the ‘value devices’ which are graphics that can be added to the logo, copy and graphics to communicate these promises. It’s often used in the logo area, yet has the flexibility to be used as a ‘badge’ in in other ways.