Behind-the-scenes: Girl on a Mission

I’m the first to admit: I’m a bit crap at keeping in touch with old friends.

This is why I am a social media junkie: I get to keep in the loop with people that I would otherwise have fallen out of touch with. I’ve rekindled several friendships through channels such as Facebook and Instagram and genuinely enjoy the updates/baby/kid/pet spam of my extended network.

Which is how I came to be in touch with an old friend from my hometown, Erin. We met some 13 years ago when we dated two blokes who went to school together, before going on to take the same Graphic Design course. The blokes fell away, but our friendship didn’t. Fast forward and we’re both married with five kids between us and I’ve really enjoyed watching her family grow, as well as a profitable a side-hustle which now turns over a six-figure-plus salary (I know, right?!).

I was really excited when she reached out to me in late-March about building a brand and website for one of her businesses ‘Girl on a Mission’ – a network of like-minded women she has connected to empower and inspire to lead their best lives through health and wellbeing. This brand supports her business as a JuicePlus consultant and the genuine passion and drive she has to affect other’s lives is really inspiring.

Multi-level what?

I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about JuicePlus, or multi-level marketing before I started (just to clarify, MLM is totally legit – the business models don't rely on people ‘buying into’ the business to be a part of it like the old-fashioned [and now-illegal] pyramid schemes. They simply choose to promote and sell products that resonate with them). It’s a fast-growing sector in Australia with brands such as Tupperware, Avon and Thermomix amongst other well-known brands that have long made MLM their core marketing and sales strategy.

It’s awesome to see so many people, and particularly women, who are making anywhere from a bit of extra cash on the side, to six-figure-plus salaries (and plus some more in some cases) by promoting products that they are truly passionate about (anyone who’s ever attended a Thermomix demo will see this passion in action first-hand). What I love is that women (and particularly Mums) who may otherwise have found securing interesting, challenging and potentially lucrative work a challenge, really step up and redefine what is possible from their time and energy. As someone who experienced the sheer terror of losing a job on maternity leave - one of the most vulnerable times of life for a new mum – I totally get this. To have opportunities like this can be life-changing for some women. The fact that they don’t have to sacrifice time with their family to do so is also quite remarkable.

The approach

I began the process with my usual strategic brand discovery and determined that the brand that Erin wanted to communicate could be boiled down to three things: dreams, drive and determination. Although the brand is rooted in health and wellbeing, in the end, it was clear that these three things were the most important to Erin. She’s built an enviable track-record of mentoring others to achieve their own successes, and it was really clear to see that this is what drives her.

I started with the logo. Given her audience’s penchant for high-quality, aspirational and feminine imagery I didn’t feel we needed to do anything tricky, or to clever, with the logo. A typographical approach was what felt right, but the font needed to be chosen carefully (I am personally a little tired of the overly sickly sweet calligraphic scripts that have inundated our hemisphere lately). It needed to be feminine, strong and a little bit irreverent.

Quickbrush was just the ticket. It was fast, bold and just the right amount of feminine. I matched it with a standard Gotham that enabled ‘Girl’ and ‘Mission’ to stand out, and ensure it worked in both a horizontal and vertical variation.


We were so lucky to have the photography of Tastefully Tash at our disposal which was a branding dream come true. (The access to so many high-quality, original and oh-so-creative images: I did a little squeal on the inside the first time I checked out her Instagram feed.)

Gorgeous imagery at my disposal made this job a real joy.

Gorgeous imagery at my disposal made this job a real joy.

It was so perfect for Erin’s brand – health-focused and aspirational with lots of shots of gorgeous locations and girls living their very best lives. The vibrancy played a leading role in the choice of colour palette as well. Erin’s brief was pretty clear – light pink and grey, which were solid choices, but I felt that the imagery needed to be complemented with some brighter options to round out the brand which lead to the decision to include a cyan and magenta.

Message-wise, we created a brand mantra:

To help women achieve whatever they set their minds to, and create the life of their dreams.’

which aims to do exactly what it says on the tin and plays a leading role with the branding on both the website and business cards.

And we're in business (cards)

And we're in business (cards)

The website was a dream to create – each element was strong within its own right, so it was really a matter of combining them together with some strong copy to really tell Erin’s story, and invite other like-minded girls to connect with her.


The Result

Girl on a Mission has experienced significant uplift since re-launching early in April (this process was a short one – both me and Erin were so excited that we kept things moving at-pace). Her shiny new business cards arrived just days before she jetted off to LA to speak about her business and brand front of 9000 people (no big deal).

Traffic to her website has skyrocketed, thanks to strong referral from her newly refreshed Facebook page, and some targeted advertising. In the first full month after the website went life Erin welcomed 31 new girls to her team! Enquiry has remained really strong and business is booming.

What a great project! Can’t wait to work with Erin again (shh, more on that later).

Have you had a project that you just loved working on? I’d love to hear about it!