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Behind-the-scenes: Amadeus Brand

There's a reason why tradespeople have a poor reputation for work on their own houses. There's always more to be done to meet and exceed the needs of your clients. Working on your own 'shop' always gets shuffled to the back of the pile. Amadeus Brand was no different, and after a slow start to the project we repositioned the business to align more carefully with our desired target market.

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Behind-the-scenes: Girl on a Mission

An old friend reached out to me in late March to develop a brand for her multi-level marketing business. What a great project! Girl on a Mission connects like minded women with a passion for health and wellbeing, with Erin mentoring them to achieve health and business goals alike. The result has been spectacular, with enquiry strong and Erin welcoming many new members to her team since the brand and site went live. 

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