Behind-the-scenes: Amadeus Brand

Amadeus Brand underwent a brand refresh in September this year and together with my extended team, I revisited our communication strategy, with particular emphasis on how we communicate our value proposition to our core market. This, quite naturally, guided the way for a visual refresh of the branded elements, digital branding and printed collateral. 

But first, a slow start

There's a reason why tradespeople have a poor reputation for working on their own houses. There's always more to be done to meet and exceed the needs of your clients. Working on your own 'shop' always gets shuffled to the back of the pile. 

Amadeus Brand was no different. Sure, there was the age-old conundrum of finding the time and mental space to set aside for the task at hand, but I found that it was deeper than that. Whenever I sat down to formulate a strategy, or write some copy, I'd go completely blank, start yawning incessantly and inevitably go and make myself a cup of tea. 

Sometimes, you just need an extra pair of hands

Saviour came by way of Odette, a trusted Amadeus team member and friend who has been doing some great work for some of my clients in social media and digital marketing. I developed a comprehensive brief for her, had a lengthy chat over the telephone (Odette is lucky enough to live on the northern coast of NSW, near Byron Bay) and just days later she'd whipped my value proposition into shape and developed a written strategy for my website. Phew. I can't describe the relief I felt reading her words on the page in front of me. Like 'yes, this is going to be ok!'. Once the words were in place, the visual strategy fell into place quite naturally, as did the website build. 

Here's how the visual strategy came together:


I'm really delighted with how it's turned out. The brand feels very natural; loads of white space with pops of colour and graphics that don't take themselves too seriously. Needless to say, I'm excited to begin communicating with this new framework in place.