2017: That's a wrap!

I can't tell you how excited I am this week to be wrapping up my work 'affairs' for 2017. It's been a big year - on so many fronts - and I am excited to finish up and take some time to anticipate the year ahead in 2018. 

Here's a list of highlights:

1. Moving house

The cat settled in pretty much right away: we took a bit longer.

The cat settled in pretty much right away: we took a bit longer.

I wrote a little back in March about the impact that moving house had had on my family and the momentum of my business (and ironically, what I learned about the process from a branding perspective). It was a momentary bump in the road that I had failed to anticipate, yet in hindsight made total sense as I settled myself, my family and my business into a new postcode (and don't forget the grumpy cat).  It took me a while to find my creative feet in my new environment and establish the sort of routine that helped me to grow my business the previous year. 

2. Girl on a Mission


I got there eventually, starting with a wonderfully feminine project for an old friend when I developed a new brand for her successful multi-level marketing enterprise Girl on a Mission. It was such a diversion from my usual fare of corporate and professional services clients, and just the tonic I needed to dive back into creative work. 

3. The Big Apple

My husband and I outside the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York.

My husband and I outside the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York.

This followed with a short stint in New York City with my husband to celebrate his 40th birthday. What a city! I felt so lucky to be wandering one of the most - if not the most - dynamic cities in the world. Highlights included a visit to the Cooper Hewitt design museum and long runs and walks around Central Park. 

4. Best Value Real Estate


Quarter 3 saw a major project for 2017 come to fruition as I launched a newly refreshed brand for a real estate agent in Western Sydney who are doing things a bit differently. This included a full strategic business review, revised brand strategy, creative development, website design, social media strategy and full marketing campaign across print, digital and local channels. It's a partnership that I am looking forward to continuing into 2018 and I look forward to working with the BVRE team in the New Year. 

5. A fourth birthday


Amadeus Brand celebrated its fourth birthday in September! I always make sure I take the time to mark the birthday of my business, and this year was no different. After launching tentatively way back in 2013 after been made redundant whilst on maternity leave, I gave myself six months to 'make a go of it'. Four years on I am both proud and humbled to not only still be here, but growing both the business and myself as a creative professional. 

6. Team Amadeus

I was stoked to welcome some new members to the Amadeus team this year. As a micro business with a broad remit of marketing and brand activities, I was on the lookout for other like-minded microbiz people to connect with and help me achieve bigger and better things for my clients that were outside of my skill set. And I found them in spades - the wonderful Melanie, who looks after anything analytical for me and the gorgeous Odette (and team) who do an absolutely terrific job with my clients' social media. The biggest bonus? Being able to actually have a chinwag about all things about being mums in business at the start and end of teleconferences or calls. It's definitely helped allay the occasional feelings of isolation that one can get from working solo and I am so looking forward to working with these talented ladies again next year. 

7. OM Health


What a great project this was! Great client, great work, great results. One of those projects that flourished because the client was so open and willing to do a thorough job. We were able to achieve this through a robust strategic process which guided intuitive creative development. Topped off with some beautiful branded imagery from the lovely Kiren (another fantastic partnership for 2017) it's definitely been a highlight. 

8. Rebecca Neylon


Another highly enjoyable project - and it was through working with Rebecca that I realised how passionate I am about working with micro businesses, and helping others amplify that unique nexus that exists between personal and professional branding. It's something that I'm looking to build upon in 2018 so that I can work with as many professionals as possible so that they - particularly professional mums - can enjoy rewarding professional careers on their terms

Happy holidays all!

You can find me here until further notice.

You can find me here until further notice.

And it's on that note that I sign off for the final time this year. You'll find me with my family until the New Year at which point I'll be on one of northern New South Wales finest beaches; enjoying books and coffees in the AM and sipping on G&Ts in the PM. 

Have you had a big 2017? What are you doing for a break? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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