Behind-the-scenes: Rebecca Neylon

I’ve recently completed working on a project with a wonderful HR Consultant. Rebecca Neylon works with a loyal collection of clients, offering a range of HR training and development services - most of which are delivered electronically to locations around Australia.

I first met with Rebecca in my old office and our lives looked a little different. She was living in Canberra and spending a week or so a month in Sydney with some of her clients and I was living in a different part of Sydney. Fast forward a year, and somewhere along the way I moved across the city and she moved across the country. We’ve been in touch at every point along the way as we developed her new brand and website together.

Moody beginnings     

I’ve always been a fan of a mood board, but never have I been more convinced of their value than during my project with Rebecca. I actually got Rebecca to create her own mood board at the beginning of our work together; something which I’ve incorporated into every project since then. I was able to get a really valuable glimpse into Rebecca as a person and this is something that I would never have been able to access using traditional interview and workshop techniques. Sometimes pictures really do tell a thousand words.


From here, I reverted with my own mood board and was able to nail the brand look and feel really quickly as Rebecca rather excitedly exclaimed: ‘yes, yes!’. I created a visual theme centred around the use of red, blue and brown in the colour palette to create a feeling of cosy professionalism, which was drawn right from her own ‘personal’ brand.


From there, we met the challenge to translate that into a professional look and feel that spoke the key messages of her business value proposition. Imagery was central to the execution of the brand; and we had some professional headshots commissioned to really nail the look and feel that we were going for.

Branded imagery took a little longer, and between us we must have looked at hundreds of stock images! We settled on a collection of very natural-looking businesspeople in uncontrived situations; gravitating towards images that had ‘pops’ of colour from our brand palette


The result was very satisfying, with Rebecca looking to go out to market with the new brand in the New Year. Good luck Rebecca!