Behind-the-scenes: OM Health

Sometimes, we get to work with dream clients. The ones who come to you with an understanding of branding, what it can do and how it can add value to their business. They listen, they ask questions – sometimes they challenge – but mostly, it’s really clear that they value the recommendations and creative options presented to them. Even better, they are decisive and eager to emerge with their new brand and get out to market.

Rochelle McPherson of OM Health, a private orofacial myology practice, was one such client. From our very first coffee meeting, Rochelle was so proactive in getting her new brand off the brand that the process was an absolute delight. The brand itself emerged clearly and confidently from our initial strategic sessions and created an intuitive journey from creative development right through to execution. It unfolded in front of us, rather than having to overthink or push anything too hard.


Rochelle’s project was a rebrand of her existing business, which she had branded four years ago when she was getting her business off the ground. As a passionate and proactive member of her professional community, Rochelle had since become an in-demand lecturer and speaker at industry events across the country, and she felt the time had come to present her own personal brand more clearly to enable her to raise her profile even further. We wanted a strategy that could work both personally and professionally – to communicate and present her practice in the best light, whilst extending to present the consulting arm of her business at the same time.


We did some early work around tone of voice and brand values, which drove the creative decisions right away. As an allied health professional, it was important that the brand instil trust whilst retaining an approachable and friendly tone. Some modern twists were applied to the ‘traditional’ colour choices of greens and blues, which are often used in the medical field. We decided to shoot some branded imagery in conjunction with some new headshots of Rochelle, which were the jewel in the crown of the branding suite as far as I was concerned. Being able to get beautiful, well–shot images of Rochelle both on her own and ‘in practice’ was critical in being able to tell her brand story.  Sidenote: you may find some familiar faces as the 'talent' for this shoot!

The Result

We were both thrilled with the results, which we began applying immediately with the rebuild of her website (a new Squarespace site) and social media strategy for both Facebook and Instagram, which Rochelle has taken on herself. We also produced some supporting colateral by way of business cards and Word letterheads for Rochelle's professional correspondence.  

What an awesome project!