Case Study: The Change Space

About the Project

The Change Space is an initiative by Tracey Penington and Caroline Mills, two forces of nature who are the directors of professional services organisations Gordian Global Solutions and Allegra Consulting. They approached me to develop some branding for a new initiative they were undertaking: an online hub where change management professionals could unite and collaborate, sharing best-practice information and improving the quality of outcomes for their organisations. It was a bold vision – but then, I have come to expect nothing less from these clients. 

Key Strategic Drivers

The primary audience for The Change Space are professional change practitioners – adept at driving transformation and overcoming all the challenges that come with it. They work predominately in a corporate environment and have a high exposure to corporate branding, from their own organisations and others in the same sector or industries. The branding needed to be bold and it needed to be engaging; a bold juxtaposition from their corporate environments.

The Solution

The brand identity proposed and chosen marries bold, vibrant colours with modern typefaces and a triangular shape in the logo that references the ‘Delta’ symbol, which means ‘change’ in the Greek alphabet. The jewel of the strategy is in the imagery style. Limited to stock photography, the challenge was to take ‘ordinary’ images and create something that would become really unique to brand. Using the colour palette, I created tri-colour gradients that drive the concept of change as they move through the colours. Unveiled at a soft-launch in September 2016, feedback for The Change Space has been exciting and we are looking forward to a full launch in late 2016.