Amelia Donnelly is a gem that shines so very brightly - a primary school teacher by day, she is also a passionate advocate for building resilience in our children. Together with illustrator Deb Hudson, she’s written a children’s book ‘The Golden Thread’: a story that follows a young girl called Rosie who is learning to deal with the sudden loss of her big brother. 

Heart-wrenching and life-affirming all at the one time, the book is a beautiful resource that teaches children how to deal with grief in a meaningful and positive manner. 

It was both an honour to work with Amelia to build a brand new website for her book. A little bit magical, and a little bit inspirational - it’s also full of resources that can also assist children in building their resilience and mindfulness, and even contains a free downloadable guided meditation.

Thank you Amelia - what a pleasure! 🙏